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Original Vanity Fair sporting prints

We sell only original antique Vanity Fair prints rather than later copies which abound and will always do our best to hunt down a required subject if we don’t have your choice in stock. 

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair existed from 1868 to 1914 and held a mirror up to the fallibilities of society life in later Victorian and Edwardian England; a sort of genteel forerunner to Private Eye. Its most enduring legacy was the weekly cartoon feature of prominent people of the era ‘Men of the Day’.

Though this was a time when Britannia truly ruled the waves and great swathes of the globe were imperial pink in hue, the featured Empire builders, politicians, good and great were a little dull. Far more colourful were the sportsmen of the day (some like millionaire amateur jockey George Baird more colourful in other ways!).

Enduring images from some notable artists, most famously ‘Spy’ (pseudonym of Sir Leslie Ward) such as the heavily bearded colossus W. G. Grace, the wiry and tortured jockey Fred Archer and the imperious-looking walrus moustached Lord Hawke resplendent in M.C.C. blazer and cap stand the test of time and still have a strong following today.

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