The Sporting Study, Hungerford Arcade

About us 

Jockey caricatures from Ace of Lambourn

The Sporting Study is the indulgence of Dennis Benneyworth who, when younger, braver and considerably thinner rode as an amateur jockey then briefly as a professional back in the days when races were run in black and white and the fences were much stiffer.

Rather than riding horses in races these days he now accompanies them on flights around the world as a ‘flying groom’. This can involve shipping horses and ponies of all sizes; from Shetlands and fallabellas to shires and multi-million dollar classic winners.

Between flights he has built up a collection of antique silk top hats and sporting prints and has found his home town of Hungerford’s long established Antiques Arcade to be a perfect base.

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Feel free to call or pop in to view our current stock as our showrooms are open 7 days a week and close only for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Easter Sunday.